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Welcome to: My Sister's Keepers Of Atlanta


From the Founder & Executive Director

Hi, My name is Dawn L. Peek, as a "Thriving Survivor" I was #Touchedwaytoosoon!  Being molested from the ages of 3-17,  I am extremely passionate about helping victims move from behind the shadows of their pasts.  I want to be the breathing, living, and walking example of how a woman can live a very rewarding life after sexual assault. Redefining how women perceive themselves is extremely important.  I vow to live the remainder of my life being My Sister's Keeper.  



Voyage ATL. Magazine Article 2/6/2019


Why we started

My Sister's Keepers of Atlanta materialized in 2018 after noticing  there wasn't a place for women like myself to go for support.  Here's a good example; When you are faced with life's adversities often times there's a place to go for support and guidance to heal.  When you are sick, you go to the doctor.  When you need prayer, you go to a place of worship. When you abuse drugs, you attend Narcotics Anonymous (NA).  When you abuse alcohol, you attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  When you are a sex offender, you are mandated to register as a sex offender for life and remain in the house on Halloween as to not re-offend.  However; when you are victimized by sexual assault, there's no place to go except for dark places, i.e. depression, suicide, overeating, drug abuse and alcoholism just to name a few.  So, My Sister's Keepers and HerStory were born.  HerStory is a support group for female victims and survivors of sexual assault.  Meetings are held online and at a physical location.   


Mission & Vision

Our targeted demographic are those who’ve been marginalized by society and victimized by date rape, incest, molestation, rape and sex trafficking.  We believe in a continued holistic post traumatic healing approach which include but are not limited to; individual sessions, support group meetings, crisis management, identity management and coping strategies in order to help move from behind the shadows of their pasts

With perpetual funding and volunteerism we can meet the following goals 

Assistance with job preparedness

Dressing for Success

Financial Education

Health Screenings

Hygiene products

Mental Health Evaluations

Nutritional Education

Rescue Centers

Resume Writing 

 Social Skills Training