Meet the Board

Chairman - John Ellis PhD


John joined Emory University in November 2003 as co-director of Academic Technologies and has since held multiple leadership positions, most recently serving as Deputy CIO for Enterprise Applications, Customer Services, Network Services, and Infrastructure.   

John started his career on the academic side of the house as a Philosophy Professor, teaching for a decade at the University of Memphis before moving into administration full-time. He has enjoyed a wide range of positions in Information Technology over the years and brings a perspective informed by academic as well as IT related experiences at multiple levels of the organization.   

John received his PhD in Philosophy from King’s College London and a BA in Philosophy & Greek from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He grew up in North Carolina, mostly in the Wilmington area, but spends a lot of his leisure time these days in the NC mountains. John enjoys fly-fishing and CrossFit.

Treasurer- Anthony Young


Anthony is married and a father of three, two daughters and a son.Tony is a wonderful I  addition to this organization. He loves mentoring our youth and being a positive light for our young men, including his own son.

 "I have been a listening ear to many courageous female friends who chose to share their experiences with me, as well as witnessed my own mother’s physical and mental abuse. I’ve always wanted to do more to help our wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and co-workers. My background includes working in accounts payable and finance and holding this position within other organizations. I look forward to serving as the treasurer for My Sister’s Keepers of Atlanta"

Secretary- Sebreana Echols


Sebreana Echols is an administrative professional with over 30-years’ experience helping executives meet their objectives and exceed goals in the non-profit and corporate arenas. She is a life-long learner and is currently studying marketing and managerial science at Georgia State University.     

A native Atlantan, Sebreana has witnessed the city “too busy to hate” transform and grow into a diverse, international mecca. Troubled by her hometown’s negative media attention regarding human trafficking and sex crimes on local college campuses, she wanted to find a way to serve in bringing awareness, as well as, provide support to the victims of these and other atrocities. She was surprised by the statistics that were raised during an event sponsored by My Sister’s Keeper Atlanta and immediately wanted to become a part of this dynamic team. “I think we all have a story or know someone who has been affected in some way – we just need shelter among compassionate people to begin the conversation and to heal.”

Our A E P Programs



We use the following methods of raising awareness: Social Media Platforms,  HerStory support group meetings, Peaceful Marches, interviews, blogs, and  community engagement just to name a few.  



According to it's reported that 1 in 4 girls are sexually assaulted before the age of 18.  The numbers are far greater because of the unreported cases.  In most instances, victims are reluctant to disclose the assault because of various reasons: embarrassment, loneliness,  their voices won't be heard and no place to go.  



Here are a few tips

It's imperative to recognize the signs when someone is being sexually abused.  

If someone is favoring one child over others

Don't be afraid to ask questions 

Recruit the help of others  

Be an active watcher, listener and doer  

Report it to the authorities

Take action, if you see something, do something. If you hear something,  do something. If you know something, do something.  No matter what you do, just DO SOMETHING!

We all have a responsibility to be active against this epidemic which plagues our society.